Dealavo Dla marki eielectronics zaprojektowalismy i wdrozylismy nowy serwis

Client expectations

Main purpose was creating website that reconsile high conversion rate and tidy layout. Website acts as a business card for the company’s calculating app. As metrics indicate results exceed wildest expectations.

High converting CTAs

Website layout had to be designed in such a way, that multiple user paths drive to the most important conversion – purchasing mobile app. We had to test many possibile variations in order to decise chich content distribution will be the most successful.

Unique and impressive Visual content

Design was very crucial phase of Project. We had to act very cleverly, as client’s wish was to give every element of website specific and influental meaning. Each part of website should Express Brand.

Convesrion centric design

Our customer emphasized conversion boost-related purpose from very begining. Based on our thorough examination of company’s position, we were able to implement long-term marketing strategy and use the most suitable online toolset in order to gain KPIs.

Unrepeatable mockup for each page

Project was a great challenge for our UX designers, who had to design unique mockup for every single page of website. Each subpage was implemented in full development cycle –content, mockup, development, implementation. UX guys designed website in such maneer that it fully Express client’s idea.

Logo re design and Brand book

As customer was tending towards fundamental redesign on his corporate identity, we had an oportunity to improve his Brand by redesigned logo implementation of brand book. As client share info – it was perfect choice.


„Everything that the sergeant says is outrageous and insulting, but his dgusting metaphors are so flowery, and he features so much”

Jacek Kowalczyk – Art Director | Hyperdata