EI Electronics Cooperation with EI Electronics is one of our best examples of successful cooperation in both the construction of the website and social media services.


EI Electronics belongs to exceptional customers due to the fact that all our cooperation is guided by the idea of social education. In addition to the obvious marketing and information goals that have been set for us, the overarching goal was to educate the public about fire hazards and household security.


When designing the website for EI Electronics, we wanted to emphasize the high quality of the product offered, which is just entering the Polish market. At the same time, we tried to build customer brand awareness as a world-class expert in the field of fire safety.

Facebook – product promotion, building brand awareness

We also developed the goals set for us in this project in the area of social media – this is where the brand can be closest to the client and reach him with a daily message. We started work by creating a fan page and building a community around the brand. Next, we focused on educating fans, introducing them to the product, but also informing about the threats that may lurk in households. To this end, we focused on strong cooperation with the fire brigade and its local units. We haven’t also forgotten about entertainment and engaging games, such as competitions and rebuses, which have always enjoyed great interest.

Blog and content marketing

To educate in the field of fire safety, we had to prepare a solid knowledge base, containing information not only about products that protect against fire or asphyxiation, but also how to deal with emergency situations, or how to recognize an invisible enemy, which is carbon monoxide.


„The company’s employees provide us with professional consultation, and thanks to their knowledge, the materials on our website and social media profiles always keep up with current trends.”

Katarzyna Drela – Business Development Manager | EI Electronics Polska