Lemon Pro Lemon Pro is definitely a unique customer in our portfolio. Not only because of the long-term cooperation, but also the multitude of areas in which we develop this cooperation.

Digital full service

Lemon Pro has entrusted us with 100% confidence and with the comprehensive service of its brand on the web. Our tasks included

  • creating a company website
  • preparing a marketing strategy
  • content creation
  • social media services
  • performance marketing

Building a website

Creating the company page for Lemon Pro, we assumed that we wanted to create a website with unique graphics and functionalities tailored to the customer’s needs. We wanted to emphasize that our client is an official partner of Microsoft, as well as a unique and pioneering offer of cloud computing services.

Interactive tools to increase conversion

To facilitate the choice of service for customers and at the same time build a lead base, we decided to use friendly tools such as “service calculator”, thanks to which the user can compose a service tailored to his own needs. Thanks to the contact information left, the customer can count on quick response, and Lemon Pro is expanding its customer base.

Blog and content marketing

Lemon Pro is a pioneer in providing cloud services on the Polish market. When he launched his offer, the cloud computing market in Poland was just crawling. That is why it was a great challenge to familiarize the wide range of users with such a unique offer. How did we do it? Of course, with a large dose of knowledge posted on Lemon’s blog. Thanks to factual blog entries, which were regularly published on the Lemon Pro website, it quickly jumped to the 1st position in organic SEO search for phrases: …


Social media play a very important role in communication of Lemon pro. Thanks to this channel, the brand can share its unique knowledge with its fans, but also gain new customers by promoting its offer on the fan page. Through Facebook, we also want to bring the work’s everyday life closer to the community, and we also provide the latest cloud computing news.

Converting Landings

When designing dedicated websites for individual products, we focused on several reliable principles:

  • a lot of encouraging content
  • image of an expert
  • presenting the complete offer of the service
  • website visually attractive and encouraging to scroll
  • consistency in communication that leads to one goal: conversion.

Google Ads

When implementing Google Ads campaigns for Lemon Pro, we set a single goal: maximum effectiveness. That is why we prepared a dedicated landing page focused on achieving the assumed goal, i.e. conversion, for each campaign. The campaign results speak for themselves: a conversion rate of over 1% and reaching over 200,000 selected, interested in product recipients are impressive in the difficult IT industry.

„Thanks to the cooperation of our company with Hyperdata, we not only have the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of experts, but we are also sure that all orderd tasks and activites are delivered on time and do not require additional control.”

Bartłomiej Łapiński – Vice-president | Co-Founder