WordPress and SEO – how to go about it?

According to the latest statistics, WordPress has been the most popular CMS system in the world for several years. The popularity of this matter is that there are many extensions to it, called in the WordPress community language plugins. These plugins facilitate the performance of many activities until recently reserved only for people familiar with the code of the page. One of the functionalities that can be implemented with the help of plugins is the possibility of performing independent WordPress SEO optimization for browsers. Even people without technical knowledge can carry out these activities. Here are some ways to go about it.

Before we reach for plugins

Before starting to create any website, we need to find a good hosting for it. The high performance of the server hosting the website is a prerequisite for achieving high positions in Google.

Once we have taken care of the fast server for our WordPress site, the next step we should make towards creating a modern page that Google algorithms see well is choosing the right WordPress theme. A good theme is the one that: 

  • is perfectly adapted to mobile devices – this is very important from the point of view of SEO, because mobile-friendly websites are rated higher by Google; 
  • is not overloaded with external scripts that affect the slow loading of the page; 

The creators of WordPress have created its interface in such a way that some actions can be performed from the admin panel, without having to reach for additional plugins.

Let’s look at what you can do for SEO in WordPress first.

Setting the site visibility

It happens that the site is already on the server, but we don’t want it to be indexed by Google robots yet. In such situations, you can easily select in WordPress settings that Google robots bypass the created website.

As you can see in the picture above, the operation requires only three clicks.

Setting search engine friendly URLs

In the WordPress panel, we can easily change the URLs of our subpages. Also, entries if we run a blog. It is worth noting that WordPress by default creates page addresses based on the ID number that is assigned to the page, and which does not carry any information on both the search engine and users. Below are variants of URLs used in WordPress.

As you can guess, the most valuable variants of URLs will be the last two, because they inform the browser and users about the topic of a given subpage or entry.

Yoast SEO – WordPress optimized using the plugin

For a wide range of fans, this plugin is considered the best tool for conducting SEO on WordPress. Most WordPress users use Yoast SEO. You can use this plugin to: 

  • integrate your website with Google Search Console – which is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor the position and condition of our website in Google search engine          . 
  • design meta tags – title and description – along with a preview of their vie in Google search results
  • Automatically create our site’s XML map, which is important for SEO; 
  • Add no index and no follow tags to pages that we don’t want Google to index; 
  • Creating so-called breadcrumbs module – this is a schematic representation of the place on the page where the user is at a given moment by showing all parent pages at the top of the page;  

A little more should be written about the Yoast SEO plugin in the context of copywriting activities – it is a great tool when it comes to creating content. Thanks to optimizing tips, any user adding content to WordPress receives real-time tips to make his text more SEO-friendly. After creating content, the user receives information regarding, among others the number of keywords used, the length of sentences, the use of conjunctions combining multiple complex sentences, or the correct volume of text.

Yoast SEO indicates the main determinants of good text: 

  • using active instead of passive voice (these sentences are more understandable);
  • building short sentences that are easier to understand than multiple sentences; 
  • using the so-called transition words – phrases or words that create connections between individual thought strings contained in the text; 
  • using headings of several rows – to give the text a hierarchical form; 
  • using uncomplicated phrases and expressions; 

Application of plug-in for AMP technology

As the number of smartphones and tablets connected to the internet is constantly growing, one should definitely meet the needs of these devices. In response to this growth, Google has created AMP technology (accelerated mobile pages). The task to be fulfilled by using AMP technology is to speed up the loading time of pages on mobile devices. Which from an SEO point of view is an important factor influencing the assessment of our website.

As shown above, improving SEO in WordPress is not a difficult task.

The biggest advantage of CMS is the fact that even people without technical skills can quite effectively perform positioning activities. The key to successful optimization is the WordPress interface capabilities and the use of plugins.